girl with grass wreath

Wade asked me “What did you study today?”

I answered, “Comparising.”

Wade, “Comparising?”

Me, “Yeah, comparising…you know….” and then I switched to Chinese, because it was easier to explain what I studied in Chinese than English. And then I said, “I now know all the ways you can do comparising in Chinese.”

Then he laughed, and said, “Comparising? Really? You said it three times so I know you meant it, but I think you mean either comparing or comparison.”

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at long last

YuLong Snow Mountain

In Lijiang, rainy season lasts from June to October. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, has been hiding behind clouds since June, and we’ve only had an occasional peek at the very bottom slopes. But most days we didn’t even see them. Last week we had so much rain that we actually ran out of hot water for three days. The downside of solar hot water in the rainy season.

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Medusa Hair Salon

Getting my hair cut is the scariest thing I do in China. I really, really need a haircut, but I’ve spent almost a year growing out the last disaster. So I’m hesitating. I’m not a really picky person, and I have very forgiving hair. Even so, I’ve only had one good haircut in China. I’m thinking about trying this place. My theory is, perhaps if I just get the scary part over with the name, then the actual cut itself, might not be such a fright. What do you think?

a cat tale

Yesterday, early in the morning, we heard a kitten crying. We thought someone in the complex had a new cat and, since everyone in China leaves their windows open pretty much all the time, we just thought it was left alone in some apartment, sad and lonely. It kept up a constant racket all day long.

When we were coming home from dinner last night around 7 p.m., I heard it and looking up happened to catch sight of it on the outside ledge of the fifth floor apartment directly above ours. That apartment has been finished, but no one is living in it yet. Wade thinks the kitten probably climbed out the stairwell window and jumped onto that ledge, and now it can’t figure out how to get back.

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little bird

sunflower seeds

Wade has started calling me Little Bird, which is actually quite clever even though he probably doesn’t realize it. The main radical in both characters of my name means Small Bird. Yes, in August I learned more about radicals and characters than I ever dreamed I’d be able to cram into my head in one month. Which means I can now secretly appreciate the humor of my new nickname.

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our flat

Mom has been waiting way too long to see the photos of the new apartment. But I’ve finally gotten around to posting some shots. And I thought other people might find it interesting to see what a pretty typical middle class apartment in China is like. Although most Chinese apartments have Chinese style furniture, and we have Western. Chinese furniture just kills our backs. In our first apartment we had chronic back problems. So when we moved, we bought our own furniture.

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