a cat tale

Yesterday, early in the morning, we heard a kitten crying. We thought someone in the complex had a new cat and, since everyone in China leaves their windows open pretty much all the time, we just thought it was left alone in some apartment, sad and lonely. It kept up a constant racket all day long.

When we were coming home from dinner last night around 7 p.m., I heard it and looking up happened to catch sight of it on the outside ledge of the fifth floor apartment directly above ours. That apartment has been finished, but no one is living in it yet. Wade thinks the kitten probably climbed out the stairwell window and jumped onto that ledge, and now it can’t figure out how to get back.

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little bird

sunflower seeds

Wade has started calling me Little Bird, which is actually quite clever even though he probably doesn’t realize it. The main radical in both characters of my name means Small Bird. Yes, in August I learned more about radicals and characters than I ever dreamed I’d be able to cram into my head in one month. Which means I can now secretly appreciate the humor of my new nickname.

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our flat

Mom has been waiting way too long to see the photos of the new apartment. But I’ve finally gotten around to posting some shots. And I thought other people might find it interesting to see what a pretty typical middle class apartment in China is like. Although most Chinese apartments have Chinese style furniture, and we have Western. Chinese furniture just kills our backs. In our first apartment we had chronic back problems. So when we moved, we bought our own furniture.

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in season

In season right now: 山竹 shān zhú, mangosteen. I think they are lovely. Wade thinks they are tasty. We thought they were supposed to be quite healthy for us, but now it seems that isn’t really true. Still, it’s lovely having a bowl of the “queen of fruit” on the table to enjoy.


tiny kitten with big blue eyes

Today, this little guy sat on my foot for most of lunch at the pizza place across from Jade Spring Park. The waitress said they found him on the street a week or so ago, and adopted him. Poor little guy was so flee bitten and mangy. But still so adorable. I’d love to adopt a kitten of my own, but I’m pretty sure I’d have to chose between the kitten and Wade. No contest. Kittens are cute, but not as cute as Wade. And they don’t do dishes or give back rubs, or listen to me, or buy me chocolate, or take me butterflying, or…save my life.