pinenut harvest

I love pinions – reminds me of home in New Mexico. The seeds here are the same, although the pine cones are huge. We couldn’t believe how many cones were harvested off the mountain this fall. Wade said he’s surprised there are any trees left up there if they always collect so many. But good eats people! I need to feed my seed addiction like a good Yunnanren – Naxi people sure do love the nuts and seeds and so do I!


ooops….she caught me

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Way, way back in November I had planned to be blogging regularly…like daily. And then things happened. Like the Great Firewall turning into a bit of a beast. Come to think of it, school did the same. And I was sick. A lot. Sigh. Thanks Chengdu…I’ve left you, but your effects have not left me.

But suddenly, all my plans came to naught. I’m pretty used to that by now, which is why I’m hesitant to say I’m back again. But maybe, just maybe…I’m back again.

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a true story

My teacher and I were talking a few days ago, and I told her I found a new lake that is quite nice, on the northeast side of town, where a lot of people were swimming. She insisted there is no lake there, and I insisted there is. Finally, I gave her very precise directions and a description. Suddenly a look of total horror came over her face.

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the big gate

the Big Gate in Baisha Village

Baisha is a charming Naxi village about 3 miles north of Lijiang. It was built over approximately a 200 year period stretching from the Ming Dayasty (1385 AD) to the Qing Dynasty (1619). It is home to the famous Baisha murals, which I haven’t gotten around to seeing yet. But it’s on the list of things to do.


All summer, my teacher kept telling me that I would really like October because there would be a lot of júhuā. Every time she said that, I would make a mental note to look up júhuā and see what type of flowers I could expect. But I had some vague impression that it was something you only see in Lijiang.

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